Server Informations
PVPfrom Level 1
Exp rate1 - 20 level, 0.4x
21 - 25 level, 0.35x
26 - 30 level, 0.3x
31 - 35 level, 0.25x
36 - 40 level, 0.2x
41 - 45 level, 0.15x
46 - 50 level, 0.1x
51 - 55 level, 0.05x
56+ level, 0.02x
Exp from players8x
Skill rate5x
Magic rate3x
Loot rate0.1x
Level to create guild13
Additional info* You don't lose any equipment, magic level or skills when you die. You lose only Level.

* You don't get any frags or skull for attacking or killing other players.

* For killing other players you get marijuana leaves that you can later exchange into eggs at NPC Rasta in the temple. Those eggs will give you experience points after use.

* If you kill player which have higher level than you - you instantly get some experience points for the kill.

* Training Monks are on the VIP Area, but there are also 2 Training Monks in the Main City, west from the temple, but be careful - other players can attack you on Training Monks in the Main City!

* On 55 level every profession gets its ultimate spell:
Sorcerer: exevo gran mas vis (650 mana - the strongest spell in the game)
Druid: exevo gran mas tera (650 mana - has 85% power of exevo gran mas vis)
Paladin: exori gran con (650 mana - has around 2x bigger damage than exori con)
Knight: exori gran (270 mana - has around 2x bigger damage than exori)
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
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