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Patch #2
by GM Blade
GM Blade

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Patch #2
Hello, today we added few bug fixes and updates (they didn't need a server reboot). Here is the list:

* Due to getting debug when there were 20+ players on the same SQM, we implemented system that will instantly move player who login in temple to random SQM around the respawn tile
* Added a new system of counting frags (to Top Guilds and Top Fraggers). Now ONLY KILLING PLAYERS WITH LEVEL 14+ WILL BE COUNTED! Also, we added a little feature to Top Fraggers ( - after the player name there will be his guild name. Due to those changes, we decided to reset all frags.
* Reduced healing of hydras so it is pretty nice monster to hunt now

Noobwar Team
30.09.19 21:02:55

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